The story behind Codd Bottles or popularly known as The Goli Soda Bottles

It all started on South East London, where a British soft swig maker, Hiram Codd designed, developed and patented the famous codd bottles. In early 1872, these bottles were originally made packaging carbonated water. The beauty of the design was such that glass ball or a marble was trapped in the neck of the bottle which ensured that the carbonated water did not loose fizz and also ensured that without the need of a removing the cork the bottled could be reused several times.

How was this done?

The bottle was simply tilled under gas pressure. This forced the marble or the glass ball into the lip until it met the rubber washer and retained in a groove. This was a perfect airtight seal. The popularity of these bottles spread worldwide and they were widely bused to pack drinks like soda water or aerated water.

Banta Bottle - Early days in India:

These Codd bottles have an appeal of almost an antique soda bottles that were found only in small towns. The codd bottles were popularly known as banta bottles, kancha bottles, goli bottles or the soda bottle used to make lemonade.

Curious to know more about soda water or aerated water?

It is no rocket science, simply put it is soda water/aerated water is plain water into which carbon dioxide gas is dissolved. Soda water can be made in two forms, either plain or flavoured soda water. In plain soda water Carbonic acid gas and Sodium bicarbonate solution under pressure are mixed with pure water. Flavored soda water contains flavors of lemon, ginger, masala soda, milk rose, mango, cola, orange, pineapple and so on in syrup base and this preparation is also made using carbonic acid gas under pressure


Excited to get your own set up? Here are some interesting facts you need to know before getting started 


Best season – Hot, Humid summers are the peak season when soda, lemon soda and cold beverages are the most in demand. This gives soda makers and edge to serve soda in an age old and also gives them an opportunity to grow.

The Bottle Filler machine

The machine has developed and evolved with time and requires lesser manpower and effort. Today it is an automatic Goli bottle filling machine.

The business can be made highly profitable business idea and lucrative with initial handholding and regular supervision and suggestions. 


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